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Friday, February 25, 2011

The day

that is the day i can say hep hep hooray!!heheheh..

lately hari2 masuk opis lambat..hahaha..suke2 jer kn..pastu blk awal..yela dtg keje pn asyik main fb je..bos dah xbg keje..ape lg yg bole dibuat slain dr surf tenet..facebook yg ngarot2..dgr lagu..ajar org buat keje..hand over keje itu ini..ajar org buat's pretty cool ^_^

Thursday, February 24, 2011

my bff nolie

hey dear..

thanx to be my 1st follower..keep in touch..^_^

samson & delaila..

hey all,

just want to say that i need to get back home..nak tgk cite samson & delaila..bosan dok opis..i feel so boring to pretend that i'm working instead i'm just happy to do such all of these things..hahahhaa

counting..counting n counting..less than 1month i'll be here..sedih pon ade..suke pon ade..
sedih sbb dah sebati dgn kwn2 kt sini..enjoy keje kt sini sbb xde keje..lepak2 je.hahaha..
suke benti sbb..bole dok ngn huby..relax2 kt umah sambil tgk tv bround2..bole masak bg huby mkn smp gemoks..bole baking cake n western food..desert n bla bla bla..n my target is to jog evryday..hahaha(perhaps) kalo ade kasut baru sure smngt..haha.pastu bole menari2 kt umah sesuke hati smbl nyanyi my fav song..hahaha..kang adul blk keje nk mkn tgk2 ape pon xde..hahahah.

then..smngt pon dah ade utk smbg blaja blk..hehehee..(perhaps)..why always perhaps??it's must OK!!nak blaja ape ni??engineering lg ke?rase mcm penat je nk jd engineer..cemane ni??xpe2..kuatkn smngt farah!!gambate kudasai..dgn smngt yg diberikan oleh huby..parents..n fmly, I'Allah i can do it..

i miss u huby..cpt la blk..xsaba nk pi bandung..lepak2..makan2..gelak2 dgn kamu..haishh i'm happy to be by ur side..thanx to be a part of my life..u made me happy.keep it up k ^_^

                                   gamba ni mase we all lepak kt KLCC..hehehe..

smlm i mimpi best gile OK..xtau la bile bole dpt mimpi tu lg..hehehe..i mimpi i's pretty happy for me to dream about it..hehehe..berangan lebih lak..I'Allah kalo ade rezeki ade..keep on pray for it..amin..

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i'm waiting for you

mode : waiting u to come back

he supposed to be back on 25th Feb..i thought i will be ok..but since he's still in offshore so the ticket must be postpone..i dont know when..i just counting n keep waiting.hopefully it'll be soonest.

lame btoi huby kt offshore.i miss him so much.buat luckily huby still bole kol me.heehe..dugaan btoi long distance cmni..when it'll be ending.keep on pray for us to be better..better..n better husband & wife..for long life.i believe, evrythg's happen, ada i accept it.

harap sgt2 our vacation still keep on going. everything was done..ticket dah beli..hotel dah booked..tinggal tunggu adul blk jer..cepat la balik syg..i miss u so much..

hari2 bile adul call je dok tanye ' huby bile nak blk'..' xtau lg..'..warghhhhhhhhhhh..xde jwpn lain ke..xpe2..i tunggu..rasenye bole tumbuh janggut la cmni..hahhaha..

ok la nk pegi beli buah ^_^

Die kan MANAGER thormat..

tah apape la entry ni..

lame2 jadi bosan dok opis ni..hari2 buat keje yg same.
ade pulak org yg blagak jd manager thormat..
just work for it..just another less than 1month..
perhaps can be and feel much better as well.