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Saturday, July 23, 2011

fulltime housewife was awesome ^_^

About 4 months i was a fulltime was awesome..i enjoyed my life with husband n fmly..i can go evrywhere i want i can do a lot of things..thinking about money??yes, there is more than enaugh my husband gave me.

at the 1st month i felt so boring.but the other month i can survive myself.

i msh ade more than 1month utk mhabiskn mase2 fulltime housewife..lpstu jd student blk.mcm xcaye je nk jd student.haha..xtau la bole blaja lg ke x.otak ni bole masuk lg ke x..hrp2 sumenye dipermudahkn..berkat doa husband n fmly I'Allah i'll do my best.

about baby??kami masih berusaha..mungkin ade hikmahnye..we never knw..Allah lbh bkuasa..kite hanya mampu merancang..Allah yg menentukn.but kami terus bdoa utk dipermudahkn semuanya..

ngntoknyee..nti smbg lg la..bye ^_^

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neverletmego said...

salam farah ,,miss u darling.its been a while tak jenguk ur blog.:)